Beware of the Devil's words

Chapter 6
- Colored Eyeshields aren't allowed.
- He has's the (forged) permission slip from the assiciation.

Chapter 8
- Sena-kun's place is here, no one is forcing him to stay. There is no doubt about it! Being a secretary and manager are both his tasks...being the manager as well could be overwelming. If we could only somehow decrease his workload...
- Manager? Is a female one all right? Is there anyone else that wants the job? It's settled! I'll do it!
- Got another free working person for us~

Chapter 12
- There is no coincidence in American football, you have to aim when you pull out a lucky punch!

Chapter 22
- Let's keep trying until the end...
- So that people will praise you "you fought well until the end"? You wanna confort each other "we did our best even though we lost"?
- Well, that's...trying has meaning by itself...
- Tyring without the winning intent is meaningless.

Chapter 48
- Someone come teach this monkey human language.

Chapter 62
- Hurry up and go train a new kicker.
- Stop sleeptalking, fucking old geezer. How can we possibly win the fall tournament with some makeshift kicker? I got nothing to worry about, you'll definitely come back.

Chapter 76
- Well, then without the "Death March" do you expect us to win the fall tournament with some kind of magic trick?
- will die...
- We won't die, at least not until we make it to the Christmas Bowl!

Chapter 99
- It's not that your sport's science is wrong. It's just that you can't win with just that.

Chapter 111
- Didn't I tell you guys? Starting today I'm working here part-time. Though I'm quitting today as well.

Chapter 129
- Kekekekeke, if you run ahead of me, I'll shoot your asses, my fucking forest friends.

Chapter 141
- Kekeke, yuo're late. You're thirteen thousand two hundred and ninety-seve hours, fourty-nine minutes late.

Chapter 170
- And the "reason you play American football", Hiruma-san?
- Because it's fun.

Chapter 177
- Weak guys don't deserve to live.
- Kekeke depending on how you do it, this might not be the case...

Chapter 180
- Kekeke! Fucking baldy, don't think for a moment that your 17-year-love affair with the desk is going to waste!

Chapter 181
- Let me tell you idiots why you failed! See, you figured since fucking baldy lacked physical prowess, that he wasn't a threat. By the time this game's over you idiots will know why David beat Goliath!

Chapter 187
- Kekeke! Don't you know? Devils don't ask gods for favours!

Chapter 248
- Let's say your boss is making women come inside at night. If his collection of women came to be known to his wife, the boy who relays the news should be treated as a guest. That's why you "didn't see anything" right?

Capter 250
- Kekeke, interesting. In order to make an American football club we have no choice but to start by making something else.
- a slogan...?
- A threat notebook!

Chapter 250
- Hiruma, why are you using such an indirect metod? Knowing you, you probably have evidence in your notebook that could take down our company if you talked about it.
- I don't have anything to threaten you with, fuking old man. Because a puppet is not the kind of comrade I want.

Chapter 264
- More than that...Hiruma, how's your arm?
- Kekeke, I happened to have a spare bone, so I replaced it!

Chapter 265
- Kekeke, me too, I have a promise to keep no matter what...this isn't about playing or not, I don't have a choice in the matter..

Chapter 325
- Didn't you hear because your filthy dreadlocks made the wax in your ears rot? You and I will pair up like good friends for the Dragon Fly.

Chapter 326
- Do you understand how to handle cards now? I win as long as I can make you think "there's no way he will play that card".